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Pepper @ b8ta

70% increase in foot traffic at b8ta Palo Alto
4x more engagement than any other product at b8ta Palo Alto
50% of Neo-pen sales were attributed to Pepper at b8ta Santa Monica

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Pepper @ the Ave

98% increase in customer interactions
20% increase in foot traffic
3x increase in revenue

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Utilizing Robots for Human Engagement

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“With a body and arms that can move in 17 directions… Pepper aims to deconstruct the robot stereotype.”

“Pepper reads facial expressions to let the retailer know whether you enjoyed your shopping experience.”

“The next time you need help finding something in a store, ask Pepper.”

“Pepper provides culturally-specific social cues as a way to make humans more comfortable”

“It’s comfortable to be around Pepper. Not like a used car salesman, but more like a friend.”

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